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ADI Provide Cost Effective Leak Detection

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

One of the most time consuming aspects of finding a leak is when you have to dig hole after hole to find the leak. Well that’s if you’re a leak detection company operating with the same methods that were used in the early 1990s. ADI leak detection operate with far more professionalism, far more accuracy and with a far higher degree of technology than has been available ever before in human history.

ADI know that offering our customers great value for money is of critical importance when it comes to finding a leak on their property. The more hours are spent finding a leak the higher the potential cost is to the customer. With some companies that starts with a call out charge – ADI never charge for call outs. It’s not fair to bill you when we haven’t even started working yet.

The way that we offer the most cost effective leak detection solutions possible is because we operate in a 100% non-invasive way. This saves both us and you hours of labour when we’re tracking down a leak. This means there’s not lifting up floors or digging of holes so there’s fewer hours spent on the leak tracing process full stop. Plus we can take care of both the leak detection and then actually fixing the leak itself – so you don’t need to waste even more time looking for a plumber.

Because we spend fewer hours tracking down the leak this means a lower bill for you and a more cost effective solution for you overall. We are, of course, constantly reviewing our prices to make them some of the best you can find in the United Kingdom.

At ADI we’re always doing our best to offer you the best and most cost effective leak detection services possible both now and in the future.