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About Us

Benefits of using ADI Leak Detection & Repair

  • Non invasive leak detection methods

We don’t need to dig up your flooring or garden in order to locate your leak, our leak detection specialists use the most accurate leak detection technology to pinpoint the source of your leak to within 50Mm of the leak location.

  • Cost effective

Because we use non invasive leak detection methods our services workout to be extremely cost effective, this is because hours of labour are saved in the leak detection process. Invasive methods of leak detection require the lifting of flooring, digging of the ground along the path that the leaking pipe is thought to run. This is obviously a time consuming and therefore costly process. In addition to this you are normally required to hire a plumber to repair the actual leak once it has been located.

  • Leak Repair Included In Price

At ADI Leak Detection we precisely locate and repair the leak, Save time and money by using our services. Labour to repair the leak once it has been located is included in the price, unless extensive works are required. In this case we would assess and advise on an appropriate course of action.

Examples of Extensive works include:

  • Heating pipe re run (re routing of existing failed pipework)
  • Mains supply pipe complete replacement
  • Removal of kitchen units to access leak location
  • Etc
  • Minimum disruption

As we precisely locate and repair your leak in one visit, this causes less disruption to your daily life. No more waiting for the leak detection company and then waiting for the plumber! We do it all!

  • Professional, fast and friendly

As a company we aim to provide each and every customer with the best leak detection and repair experience possible, for this reason we only hire professionals within our industry and provide you with:

  • Registered plumbing professionals or gas safe registered engineers
  • All staff carry a good van stock to repair the majority of leaks quickly and efficiently.
  • All staff are covered by public liability insurance of up to £2 million
  • All staff are fully trained in all aspects of plumbing, heating and leak detection
  • We have a clear pricing policy with very competitive prices
  • All leak repair work is fully guaranteed
  • ADI is a CHAS registered company (Contractors Health & Safety)
  • The Managing Director

My pledge to you as a customer is to provide you with the best quality leak detection and repair service and to make your experience with us one that you will want to tell your friends all about.

(Registered Plumber, Registered Heating Professional)

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