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Can ADI Deal With Swimming Pool Leaks?

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

Yes we most definitely can help you with a leak in your swimming pool. And you’d be surprised at just how often we get asked that question. Swimming pools aren’t as popular in the UK as they are elsewhere in Europe (due to the climate) or especially in the United States were a swimming pool is both a status symbol and a necessity in states like Arizona and Texas.

But back to UK based swimming pools. Here’s the first problem for a pool owner – how can you be sure that your water level has dropped. After all there’s a certain amount of natural evaporation and if you’re not topping the pool up then eventually your pool’s water level will drop. But let’s assume that you’re already aware of this (most pool owners are fully aware of this) and that you’ve just noticed a drop of a few inches in the pools water level. This means that you most likely have a leak somewhere in the pool.

Now some people will think that you simply top up the pool every few days because it’s obviously not a serious problem to have a leak in your pool is it? Well that all depends on the type of soil you have underneath the pool. If this soil is prone to water erosion then over a period of weeks or perhaps month the entire foundation of your pool could be weakened and what started as a minor leak will wind up resulting in massive damage to the pool itself.

It makes far more sense to have ADI Leak Detection London look at your pool first and figure out where the leak is – at least that way you’re getting a professional opinion and we can help you stop your pool getting damaged beyond repair.

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