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Can ADI Find Any Type Of Leak?

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

Leaks are many, many things. They’re annoying, they’re awkward, they can be invisible and more often than not they’re extremely difficult to find. And it’s only when you try to find the source of a leak that you realize just how deceptive they can be. Sure the water might be pouring down the wall in Room A but the leak is actually right above Room B and the water is following the path of the pipe down to Room A – if that makes sense?

So our engineers expect to have to work with the widest possible range of leak issues that you can imagine. In an ideal world the leaks would make themselves known to a leak detection engineer in the most obvious way possible and the whole situation could be resolved in minutes instead of hours.

That’s why ADI leak detection engineers are so highly trained and so qualified in this field. A leak is never simply what it appears on face value – there’s always a back story to it and there’s almost always a complication when it comes to finding it. Our teams are trained to find any type of leak anywhere on your property.

Our engineers are trained to and capable of finding any type of leak anywhere on your property. And the great news is that we can find your leak using totally non-invasive methods that rely entirely on cutting edge technology that each of our teams are equipped with. This simply means an absolute minimum of disruption to your home or business life while we get on with the task of finding that annoying leak.

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