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Commercial/Industrial Leak Detection Services

We can solve your business gas or water leak issue without resorting to digging holes

You spent a long time developing your business and growing it from the ground up to the success it’s become today. The very last thing you need right now is a gas or water leak interrupting your business and damaging both your property and your bottom line. Regardless of economic circumstances you need to be in a position to serve your customers as efficiently as possible and therefore you should only use the services of a leading leak detection specialist like ADI Leak Detection.

Our success in finding and repairing leaks comes from our commitment to both having leak detection engineers who are highly trained and fully qualified and also from our use of the most current leak detection technology available in the United Kingdom. We use a full range of equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, nitrogen hydrogen leak tracing gas detection systems, snake cameras, acoustic leak detectors, moisture detectors and of course pipe tracing equipment. This means that we are more than adequately equipped to locate and repair any gas or water leak that you might have on your commercial or industrial property.

Our level of technical expertise also means that you get the most time efficient leak detection procedures possible with a focus on causing the least amount of disruption to your business whilst still offering you value for money.

One of our qualified and friendly leak detection engineers would be happy to discuss your business requirements with you. Why not give ADI a quick call now on: 0800 731 3843

Leak Reapir Service

What Is Leak Detection Really About?

If you’re not familiar with leak detection it might seem like an odd thing to offer customers. After all detecting a leak doesn’t really sound that difficult does it? You just need to find the damp patch in the house and start digging there. Or if there’s a faint smell of gas in the room [...]

Who Actually Needs Leak Detection?

The quick answer to this folks is that anyone with a residential or business property will need leak detection sooner or later. It’s not a case of “If” but most definitely a case of “When” and we’ve been proven right on this over and over again. It doesn’t matter how new or old that property [...]