We can locate your leak without digging holes to do so

ADI Leak Detection London provide non invasive leak detection services throughout London, including East Ham, using equipment such as:

If you’re living in the East Ham area and you’re either suspicious or certain that you have a water leak on your property then you’re in luck because ADI Leak Detection are the leading leak specialists in your area. It doesn’t matter what type of leak you have our team of friendly and professional leak detection engineers are here to help. Our range of modern leak detection equipment means we can get to the heart of your problem – and fast!

Our goal is to locate your leak in the shortest possible amount of time so you’re not being billed for unnecessary man hours and that’s reflected in our very transparent and very competitive pricing structure.

We’re also able to offer our services to a very broad spectrum of clients. We regularly handle the following types of work:

Our highly qualified and very well trained staff are able to deal with a wide variety of leak issues. Here are some of the tasks we take care of on a daily basis:

ADI Leak Detection services are available in the East Ham and nearby areas:

Give ADI a call right now on 0800 731 3843 and one of our friendly and professional staff will do their best to help you with your leak problem.

Water Leak Detection