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How Are ADI Different To A Plumbing Company?

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

This is probably the biggest misconception our engineers experience when it comes to dealing with new customers or even prospective customers. A plumber is the person who’ll actually repair the leak whereas ADI London leak detection engineers track down the source of the leak in the first place. There are some plumbing companies who also sell themselves as leak detection experts but you need to be careful about what you believe.

Leak detection isn’t something that you simply pick up as you go along and if you’re not adequately equipped to deal with the issue. It’s not just a matter of investing in thermal imaging or acoustic leak detection equipment because you’ll also need several years of experience in using the equipment to get the most from it – even after you’ve been trained in the use of it. One of the most important facts about ADI leak engineers that you need to be aware of is that each one of them is a qualified plumber too.

So not only are they fully trained in how to find leaks but they’re also both trained and equipped plumbers so they can then deal with the problem once they’ve found it. This way we’re ensuring that you get the most complete service possible from ADI London – we provide a one-stop solution for both leak detection and resolution. There are plenty of great plumbers out there and we’re not knocking their services but unless you have the equipment, training and experience to offer a leak detection service then you have no business “tricking” customers into hiring them.

If you want a leak detection specialist then the only people you need to ring are ADI – it’s what we do best. Hiring a second-rate company is just going to mean calling us in to clear up their mess to be blunt.

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