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Leak Detection – The Right Tools Make All The Difference

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

There are two ways to find the source of a leak on your property. The first is to start digging holes in the general vicinity of the leak and hope that you get lucky and find the leak with the first few efforts. This means a lot of mess, a lot of fuss and a very low success rate overall and the potential for the leak itself never being found.

Then you have the second method where you employ cutting edge technology to find the leak without ever having to dig holes. This is the method that a professional leak detection company uses so that your leak is found and your property stays intact during and after the leak detection investigation itself.

ADI use a combination of thermal imaging cameras, acoustic leak detectors, moisture detectors, snake cameras and nitrogen hydrogen leak tracing gases to find the source of your leak and all of this is done in a 100% non-invasive and unobtrusive way. The leak detection equipment that we use allows us to locate any internal or external leak. These include water mains leaks, under floor leaks, leaks inside walls and leaks located in ceilings. Even if the leak isn’t obvious to the naked eye our engineers using both experience and advanced equipment can find even the most troublesome of leaks.

So instead of just hiring some random plumber who might or might not be able to find your leak why not just rely on the services of a professional leak detection company like ADI and let us find the leak instead? That way you’re saving yourself the headache of dealing with cowboys who don’t know what they’re doing and this will save you money in the long run. On that you have our word.

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