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Gas & Water Leak Detection N18 Upper Edmonton

ADI can locate your leak without using a pickaxe or shovel – we use technology instead


ADI Leak Detection London provide non invasive leak detection services throughout London, including Upper Edmonton, using leak detection equipment such as:

  • Thermal Imaging Units
  • Acoustic Leak Detectors
  • Moisture Detectors
  • Snake Cameras
  • Pipe Tracing Equipment
  • Nitrogen Hydrogen Tracing Gases

Nobody really understands just now expensive repairing the damage caused by a major leak on your property can be. Or the amount of disruption or damage it can cause to your personal life or your business. If you’re unsure of what to do next then call ADI Leak Detection and allow us to investigate your water leak problem for you – we’re here to help.

We can offer you extremely competitive pricing because of the level of technology that we use. We can locate leaks quickly – no matter where they are – and we do this in the most timely and non invasive manner possible.

ADI offer their leak detection services to a very broad range of customers:

  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Domestic and Residential
  • Insurance Work

ADI leak detection engineers are fully capable of dealing with any type of leak you can think of – here’s just a few ideas:

  • Under Floor Leaks
  • Water Mains Leaks
  • Leaks Behind Walls
  • Swimming Pool Leaks
  • Central Heating Leaks
  • Pipe Tracing Services

ADI serves both the Upper Edmonton area and also the following:

  • Edmonton

So give our team of leak detection specialists a call right now on 0800 731 3843. We’re looking forward to discussing how we can help you.

Water Leak Detection

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