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We will find your leak and there won’t be any digging involved

You’ve invested a lot of years, a lot of time and potentially a lot of money in your home. It’s your castle and someplace you feel safe and deep down inside you cherish it. So when you wind up dealing with an annoying water leak or a dangerous gas or central heating leak in your home there’s only one company to call and that’s ADI Leak Detection. We are the leading specialists in leak detection and repair in the London area and you should only put the future of your valued property in the hands of fully trained and qualified leak detection engineers.

To make sure that our investigation of your property is as non invasive as possible we use a wide range of ultra modern leak detection equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, snake cameras and acoustic leak detectors. This simply means that we can track down the exact source of the leak in your home without any major interruptions to your family life. Even if you happen to have a problem with your swimming pool leaking we’re fully equipped and trained to deal with such situations.

We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and professional service and also take pride in our very competitive pricing structure that we’re sure you’ll find appealing. Our technical expertise and practical experience in the field of leak detection ensures that we are extremely time efficient when it comes to dealing with your problems.

Please feel free to call one of ADIs friendly, helpful and qualified staff to discuss your leak issue with them. We look forward to serving you both now and in the future. Call now on 0800 731 3843.


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