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Gas & Water Leak Detection SW1 Whitehall

ADI never rely on digging holes to track down the source of a leak


ADI Leak Detection London provide non invasive leak detection services throughout London, including Whitehall, using equipment such as:

  • Nitrogen Hydrogen Tracing Systems
  • Snake Cameras
  • Acoustic Leak Detectors
  • Moisture Detectors
  • Pipe Tracing Equipment
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

Finding a leak on your property can be a very worrying time for any home or business owner. The amount of damage that a small water leak can cause, if left untreated, can be absolutely enormous. ADI specialize in performing exclusively non invasive leak detection on any property we visit. We’re also committed to providing you with very competitive pricing and excellent customer service as part of our company mission.

ADI are available to work on any of the following:

  • Commercial and Industrial Leak Detection
  • Insurance Work
  • Residential And Domestic Leak Detection

The quality of our staff training is something we take very seriously at ADI Leak Detection and you can rest assured that our team of professional leak detectors are amongst the most highly trained in the UK. They’re trained to handle any of these situations:

  • Swimming Pool Leaks
  • Leaks Behind Walls
  • Central Heating Leaks
  • Under Floor Leaks
  • Pipe Tracing
  • Water Mains Leaks

If you’re living in the Whitehall area or any of the surrounding areas you can take advantage of ADI leak detection services:

  • Westminster
  • Royal Borough of Kensington
  • Chelsea

Give ADI London a call right now – we’re looking forward to discussing how we can help you: 0800 731 3843

Leak Reapir Service

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