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Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

Usually when it comes to a water leak you’re trying to minimize the amount of water involved but when it comes to solving a leak in your swimming pool the exact opposite is true – you’re trying to maximize the amount ofwater you have. If you’ve noticed that the water level in your pool has dropped by more than 2 inches for no apparent reason (outside of splashing and normal water evaporation) then you most likely do have a leak¬†¬† somewhere in your pool. The good news is that ADI Leak Detection are pool specialists who are fully equipped to deal with this type of problem.

A swimming pool is a serious investment for any family or business and the last thing you want is to leave somebody who doesn’t understand the art of pool repair to try to sort the problem out. You really do need a specialist leak detection company like ADI to be on the case as soon as you become aware of the leak in your swimming pool.

We have the background, training and qualifications to perform this type of work in conjunction with our cutting edge leak detection equipment and the processes for repairing the leak once we locate it.

Leaving a leak in a swimming pool unresolved can lead to structural damage later on because of subsidence in the earth beneath the pool so don’t waste any time and give us a call right no.

One of our fully trained and qualified leak detection engineers will be happy to chat with you about your requirements. Give us a quick call now on 0800 731 3843.

Why Not Just Use A Regular Plumber?

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We Provide Both Internal And External Leak Detection Services

Leaks develop with no real pattern and the minimum amount of warning – if any at all. They always appear when you least expect them and usually where you least want them. And they don’t believe in just staying inside or outside your property either – they’re as happy to spring up inside your walls [...]