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The Minimum Possible Amount of Disruption

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

When you think about having work done in your house by any kind of repair company or a trades person of any kind you normally just associate this with noise and mess right? Your home or business will wind up looking like a re-enactment of the Battle of the Somme and will just never look the same – you’ll probably have to hire somebody else just to fix all the damage caused by the first crowd right?

Unfortunately this can be true for a lot of people and there are plenty of cowboys out there who talk a big game but can never, ever back it up with clean, professional and well priced work. ADI are the exact opposite to what you’ve come to expect from other companies – everything we do is for the benefit of our customers.

One of the single biggest focuses of our engineers is providing the absolute minimum of disruption for either your home or business life. The equipment we use is very advanced so there’s no drilling or hole digging involved in the leak detection part of the process. So that means no hammering or banging either. The equipment itself is pretty much silent so there’s no heavy machinery noises to be worried about either.

When you already have a water leak on your problem the very last thing you want to have happen. You definitely don’t need to the added hassle of having your home or business life disrupted because of any building or construction nose around you.

Our engineers are extremely well trained and provide a courteous and professional non-invasive leak detection service. They also work so quietly you’ll probably forget they’re even there. And we still carry out the work in such a way that your home is left intact and as we found it before we started work there that same day.

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