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Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Services

Our imaging equipment means we can find the leaks that other companies can’t

Some leaks are more obvious and easier to find than others. If you find a mould or mildew in a corner or on the ceiling of a room then you can be fairly certain you have a water leak there. But not all leaks are as easy to find and usually you have to go digging around to find them. At ADI Leak Detection we use a range of non invasive modern thermal imaging cameras that allow us to locate leaks that simply aren’t visible to the naked eye – even if they’re behind your wall or under your floorboards.

Our thermal imaging cameras work by capturing the infrared radiation given off by different surfaces in your property. So if there’s dampness behind a wall we can see that and take action to fix it. The same applies to any hot spots where there shouldn’t be any – with a central heating system for example.  And in the same way that a powerful night vision scope allows you to see objects at night our powerful thermal imaging cameras can, quite literally, see right through your walls to the source of your problem.

Because our equipment allows our fully qualified engineers a kind of “X-ray” vision we can track down and fix any of your leaks with the smallest possible amount of fuss and interruption to your family or business life – it truly is a non invasive investigation of your leak issue.

So why not give one of our helpful, friendly and qualified staff a call right now so can talk about your leak problems and put your mind at ease with our cost efficient and highly effective solutions. Call now on: 0800 731 3843


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