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Underground Water Leak Detection

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

Most people assume that the source of their leak is going to be inside their home or business and most of the time this is true. But leaks are never a convenient thing and they never, ever make the job of finding them easy. At least when you’re looking for a leak inside your house then there are often signs of water damage that can give you a clue to at least what room the leak is in. Or even where the leak is in the room itself.

This isn’t how it works with a leak under your floors or buried underneath your lawn or patio though. The worst part about these leaks is that unless it’s a completely burst water mains then you probably have no idea the leak is even there in the first place – there’s just a ruptured pipe lowering your water pressure and increasing your water rates charges invisibly. You’re literally pouring water down the drain without even realizing it.

So what can ADI do to find an underground leak? Well we have a few leak detection devices that we can use to track down this type of leak but one of the most useful is an acoustic leak detector. This piece of sophisticated equipment allows our engineers to listen even deep underground for the leak. Not only that but our engineers are able to tell what type of leak there is, how serious it is and even what type of material the leaking pipe is constructed from.

Finding a leak inside your home can be a straightforward process especially if there are already signs of water damage. Finding an underground leak either inside or outside your home can be a far more complex problem and is the type of job ADI are perfectly suited to handle for you.