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Water Leak Detection Services

Let us find that leak for you, we won’t have to go digging holes in the process

Being proactive when it comes to dealing with a water leak in your home or on your property is essential. The longer you leave a problem like this untreated the worse it will become and the more expensive the repairs will be in the end.

The smart thing to do is ring ADI Leak Detection and let us have a look at the problem for you. Our cutting edge leak detection technology allows us to find the leaks that other companies don’t notice until it’s too late and the damage is done.

We use a full range of water leak detection equipment including moisture detectors, acoustic leak detectors, thermal imaging cameras and pipe tracing equipment for tracking down these deep rooted leaks. This range of equipment means that we can find any leak anywhere on your property – even in places you’d never have imagined.

Our fully qualified and highly trained leak detection engineers also work in a completely non invasive way so the disruption to your property is absolutely minimal. And because we work with such a high level of precision we can minimize the amount of time we spend in your house or on your property and this in turn keeps your costs down. What takes other companies days to do we can achieve in far less time.

Why not give our ever helpful telephone staff a quick ring to discuss our competitive pricing and to find out exactly how we can help you today. To speak to the leak detection specialists call: 0800 731 3843


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