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Water Main Leak Detection Services

We can track down your water mains leak without digging your garden full of holes

If you have a leaking water mains it’s probably costing you a small fortune in water rates and/or flooding your garden or surrounding areas. When it comes to dealing with a serious water leak like this you’ll need a name you can rely on and ADI is the first and only company you should call. Only a specialist leak detection company should be permitted to deal with this type of leak issue and only one who uses the very latest in leak detection technology.

An example of this is acoustic leak detectors – these leak detectors are essential when trying to track down the source of this type of major water leak and fortunately ADI Leak Detection use these in all their water leak detection work. An acoustic leak detector helps our team members “listen” for the sounds associated with a water leak – even if the leak is several feet underground. So whereas most other companies dig random holes hoping to find the source of the leak ADI Leak Detection can pinpoint the exact source of the mains leak using our non invasive procedures.

Our highly trained, friendly and qualified leak detection engineers are perfectly suited and equipped to deal with this sort of problem and they can do so within very short timeframes and in a very cost efficient manner.

If you’re sick and tired of that leaking water mains why not give us a call and you can chat with one of our friendly staff about your leak and what we can do to resolve it. Our telephone number is: 0800 731 3843


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