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We Provide Both Internal And External Leak Detection Services

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

Leaks develop with no real pattern and the minimum amount of warning – if any at all. They always appear when you least expect them and usually where you least want them. And they don’t believe in just staying inside or outside your property either – they’re as happy to spring up inside your walls or underneath your brand new conservatory. They’re equally happy to appear in your garden during the summer or your bathroom during the winter. Basically leaks are unpredictable and don’t always make sense.

That’s why hiring ADI to find the source of your leak makes absolute sense because we’ve had years of experience in tracking down even the most awkward of leaks and we’ve done this proficiently on both internal and external leaks on all types of properties. So no matter where the leak might be on your property our engineers are both trained and experienced in finding it.

So if your leak is inside your home we can find it within one working day in more than 95% of cases. If the leak is outside your home we can find it within one working day in more than 95% of cases. Those figures speak for themselves when it comes down to it folks. We don’t just talk the talk we walk the walk and our extremely high success rate is a testament to that.

And we do this with a level of professionalism and precision that leaves the vast majority of other leak detection companies trailing behind us trying desperately to keep up.

So if you want to hire the very best in the leak detection business then you need to hire ADI. You might save yourself a few pounds by hiring another company instead but you’ll wind up calling us in then to clear up the mess the other “engineers” have made.

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