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What Is Leak Detection Really About?

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

If you’re not familiar with leak detection it might seem like an odd thing to offer customers. After all detecting a leak doesn’t really sound that difficult does it? You just need to find the damp patch in the house and start digging there. Or if there’s a faint smell of gas in the room then the leak must be in that same room right?

Wrong. Actually that’s very wrong.

But that’s how most standard plumbing companies deal with the problem. They see the first trace of a leak and then start digging holes in the hope that they’ve found the actual source of the leak but in 90% of cases they’re way off the mark so then they take another educated guess and dig another hole hoping to find the leak. And so it goes on and your property is slowly being destroyed in the process. It’s only at that point that you start wondering “Do these guys have public liability insurance….who’s going to pay for the repair of all these holes?” Then the reality starts to sink in that there’s a pretty big difference between a bog standard plumber (no pun intended!) and a leak detection engineer.

ADI leak detection engineers emphasize the difference even more. Once you see the skill and level of technology it takes to track down a difficult leak without having to dig several random holes and cause damage to your property in the process you can’t ever really understand it. Leak detection is an art and doing it with a 90% first time success rate is a combination of both years of training and using extremely advanced technology to track down the leak in the first place.

Real leak detection is about operating in the most non-invasive way possible. It’s about professionalism and courtesy. It’s about great service. And it’s especially about leaving your home or business intact too.

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