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What Protection Do ADI Customers Have?

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

Even with the most highly trained people things can go wrong from time to time. Regardless of the type of work you do the odds are that you’ll eventually make a mistake of some kind. Now this mistake might be big or small. It might affect nobody or it may affect hundreds or thousands of people. The important thing is having safety measures in place in case of potential accidents.

But because ADI provide a completely non-invasive leak detection service you don’t need to worry about accidents because we don’t undertake extensive works unless you specifically ask us to. When ADI London leak detection engineers visit your property their sole task is to find the source of your water or gas leak. To do that they deploy whatever leak detection equipment is most appropriate to that particular task.

But all of the equipment we use is non-invasive to make sure we can’t cause any damage to your property but still find the leak to an accuracy of just a few centimetres; regardless of where that particular leak might be located in your home.

ADI Leak Detection London take care of our customers and we put every stop and measure in place to make sure that our customers are catered for no matter what. To that end ADI Leak Detection have public liability insurance up to a value of 2 million pounds to cover any situations where something does go wrong. On top of that every single leak trace and resolution that we perform is fully guaranteed so not only is our work insured it’s also guaranteed by us.

And from a customer point of view ADI are exactly the type of company we’d recommend that you hire for leak detection – simply because we take everything we do very seriously. We value our customers and we do everything in our power to prove that to them.