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When Should You Call ADI London?

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

Human beings are procrastinators. We’re thinkers. It’s what sets us apart from the animals of the world – not that a very wide number of animals haven’t shown extreme signs of intelligence and in some ways animals may even be smarter than us. If nothing else animals tend to be decisive and if they notice a problem they tend to act on solving that problem immediately.

Funnily enough a human being might spot a problem in their home or business and then proceed to ignore it for at least a few months until the problem gets so bad that it warrants their full attention. Or because the problem gets so bad that they’re trying to take emergency action to stop it from becoming a catastrophic episode for their property.

So what we’re trying to say here in a roundabout way is that the best time to call ADI Leak Detection London is right now – the longer you wait the worse that leak is going to get. In the case of water leaks there might not be a sense of urgency in your contacting us but with gas leaks people tend to react immediately. We can cater for both gas and water leaks but never assume that a water leak is any less dangerous or any less potentially damaging than a gas leak – as a matter of fact it can actually be far more damaging than a gas leak; especially if the leak gets totally of hand and starts damaging furniture and other personal items.

If you think you have a leak on your property then our advice is simply not to over think the problem because thinking simply won’t get you any closer to having the problem fixed and your mind put at ease again.