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Where Can Leaks Spring Up?

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

The classic image of a water leak is somebody standing in their kitchen with a bowl catching a continuous drip of water from the ceiling. They stand there looking tired and looking frustrated that they can’t stop this leak even though it’s nothing more than a few drops of water. This image doesn’t really convey what can really go wrong when you have a water leak or just how expensive it can be.

Usually by the time you see actual water emerging from a leak in a floor, wall or ceiling then there’s been a lot of damage already done in the background. And this is especially true if the water has leaked through wood or plaster before you noticed it. If the plaster has gotten damp then entire sections will probably need to be replaced and if the wood or timber was load bearing then you’ll need to have that looked at too.

But the leaks themselves can appear anywhere in both inside and outside your property. If the water leak is coming through the ceiling then it’s fairly easy to figure out that the leak is in piping somewhere in the attic. But the problem is when you get a water leak inside a wall – they’re far more complicated to track down because the water might be travelling from an either horizontal or vertical direction before it starts leaking out through the wall.

Then you need to look at underground leaks where the leak might be several feet underground and that puddle of water you find is probably where the water found the path of least resistance to the surface where the source of the leak might be several feet away.

Leaks can appear almost anywhere on your property so you need to be ever vigilant to stop them from causing you major financial problems down the road.