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Why Is Leak Detection So Important?

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

That’s like asking “Why is breathing so important?” to us. We’ve seen the hurt and the expense that comes from people not taking care of leaks on their property when they first notice them. We’ve seen how financially challenged families and businesses can become as a result of this type of “accident”. The problem is it’s not really an accident if you saw it coming and decided not to do anything about it right?

It’s the same as seeing a car swerving on the road. Your instincts kick in and you do your best to avoid that car. The same isn’t true of people taking care of their property. Most leaks are pretty well hidden behind walls or under floors so it becomes a real case of “out of sight out of mind”. It it’s a small leak you might even get away with this outlook for weeks, maybe months or possibly even years before you have to knuckle down and take care of the problem once and for all.

Leak detection is important because the investment you make in having the source of your leak found and then repaired (ADI can also repair the leak if you wish us to) is often seen as an expense by some people. But that perceived expense is a really an investment in the future safety and security of your property and also helps maintain its resale value – if that’s something you’ve ever considered during your time in your home or business.

Leak detection can and will save you both heartache and money. Because we can find the leak before it causes serious damage we can minimize the expense in financial and personal terms to you, your family or your business. Money can be replaced but the priceless memories attached to a home or the belongings inside that home are often priceless – that’s why leak detection is so important.