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Why Not Just Use A Regular Plumber?

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

This is usually the first question that pops into peoples minds when they find a leak on their property. Sure you’ve heard about leak detection specialists but what’s the difference between a leak detection engineer and a plumber – surely they both do the same job right? To be a fully qualified leak detection engineer you also need to be at the very least a competent plumber. But you need a different set of skills, knowledge and equipment than a normal plumber – if you want the job done properly.


Well a qualified plumber is going to be able to repair a leak problem once it’s found but the problem is that they lack the equipment to actually track the leak down in a precise way in the first place. Repairing the leak is only part of the problem because you can see exactly what you’re dealing with. But when it comes down to tracking the leak to within a few centimetres of the actual source that’s when a normal plumber is going to have to bow out and have a leak detection engineer take over instead.

With ADI you’re getting the best of both worlds because our engineers are also qualified plumbers so not only are we a professional leak detection team but we can even fix the leak for you when we find it. Plus we also find the vast majority of leaks within one working day and carry most spare parts that we need to repair a leak with us – this means you can usually have your problem fixed in the same working day (although this does depend on the severity of the problem itself.)

A qualified plumber will be able to fix your leak but to find the leak with pinpoint precision you’re going to need to hire in the services of an ADI leak detection expert.