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Why You Need To Take Action When You See A Leak

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 No Comments

You have two choices you can make when you notice any sign of a water leak on your property. You can either take action straight away and avert a potential catastrophe and a whole pile of expense incurred as part of that. Or you can wait around for the inevitable to happen which is that your leak is going to get worse – much worse.

The problem here is that most people are procrastinators and have trouble making up their minds to do anything – especially if the situation isn’t particularly urgent. We all have a tendency to leave most things on the long finger and kinda dawdle through life without taking action when we really need to. Ok so some people are whirlwinds of proactivity but they’re the exception rather than the rule.

The main reason for doing something about the leak as soon as you notice it is that you’re going to save yourself a small fortune by doing that and the almost unlimited problems and headaches that are caused by a large water leak. You’re saving yourself the “expense” of having the leak investigated right now in the hope that the problem won’t get any worse (it will) and long story short you’re going to wind up spending about 20 times as much having the all the water damage repaired.

Plus you’ll have the additional pleasure of dealing with an insurance company – only to discover that your policy doesn’t cover the most valuable items or you’re not properly covered for water damage at all. Then when you do finally get paid by the insurance company you can be almost 100% certain it won’t be quite enough to cover everything based on their damage “estimate”.

Don’t leave things to chance because having a leak detection on your property isn’t an expense it’s an investment.

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